Unsure of…

The longer I am in the world of education, the more I realize that some educators are unsure…unsure of many things.

Unsure of Change: Change can be tough…for example, some teachers are moved to different buildings and are forced to pack up a classroom they have “lived in” for years to do it all again at another building. Teachers are required to fill out paperwork on students of concern while sometimes the paperwork is ignored or out of date.

Change can be needed…for example, a teacher may be moved to another building to help build foundations in programs where they may have been damaged. We learn new Learning Management Systems (LMS) so we can better communicate with our families and with each other. Change is inevitable in education if you stay long enough.

Unsure of Power: Power is a tricky word for teachers. I have power in my classroom to help facilitate learning and to inspire students to continually bring their best but some believe they have power over other teachers. Do titles given automatically create power-hungry teachers?

Power can be shown in a passive aggressive email, the ignoring of people in meetings, the simple statement of standing at the entrance door when the students arrive (every day!). On the contrary, power can been seen as including everyone in meetings, keeping your fellow employees informed through emails and by being outside of your own classroom encouraging and welcoming students.

How do we encourage others to embrace change? How do we encourage others to release power and allow others to have it as well? I’d like to hear what you think…throw a comment down below with your ideas…Thank you in advance.