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#WeirdEd is a weekly chat that occurs every Wednesday either at 7:00pm est. (#WeirdEdE) or 10:00pm est. (#WeirdEd). It is led by Doug Robertson or @theweirdteacher and author of He’s the Weird Teacher. Check him out! You won’t regret it!

11/18/15 – #WeirdEd tonight focused on The World of Warcraft

5/6/15 – #WeirdEd tonight focused on Buzzfeed education…

4/29/15 – #WeirdEd tonight focused on Bruce Jenner and gender issues…

3/11/15 – #WeirdEd tonight was focused on Big Hero Six…

3/4/15 – #WeirdEd tonight was focused on Dr. Seuss…

2/25/15 – #WeirdEd tonight was about magic. You pulled a bunch of answers out of your hat…Enjoy!

2/18/15 – #WeirdEd focused on commercials. I”m buying what you’re selling…Enjoy.

1/28/15 – #WeirdEd tonight was about snow…We huddled together for warmth in the cold.

1/21/15 – #WeirdEd tonight was focused on the State of Weird since the State of the Union address occurred the night before…Check out our State of Weird.

1/15/15 – #WeirdEd tonight was a little different since Doug had just welcomed a new baby into the world on Monday…We had an hour long chat about Labor and Delivery and how it related to education.

12/31/14 – #WeirdEd tonight was unscripted. We discussed the idea of planning…lesson planning and other planning we as teachers partake in during the entire year. Enjoy!

12/17/14 – #WeirdEd…tonight I participated in both chats…The topic was Tattoos and how the permanency and discomfort is related to teaching and education. Check out both archives…you won’t be disappointed!

12/10/14 – #WeirdEd…The War on Christmas was a discussion about schools and how we represent the holidays. Some interesting thought…Please check it out.

12/3/14 – #WeirdEd…Anger. We had a great conversation about anger and how we as teachers deal with it and how we help our students deal with it. Enjoy!

11/12/14 – #WeirdEd…Narwhal…Yeah we made narwhals relevant to education. Check it out…

11/5/14 – #WeirdEd had a guest moderator…Bobak Ferdowsi, a NASA engineer who took time to chat with a bunch of weird educators.

10/29/14 – #WeirdEd…Trick or Treat – We went door-to-door finding awesome answers to education trick or treats.

10/8/14 – #WeirdEd…Star Trek TOS

10/1/14 – #weirded tonight focused on The Muppets and how they can relate to education. Anything’s possible.

9/18/14 – Last night I participated in most of #WeirdEd…I fell asleep towards the end. @theweirdteacher or Doug Robertson created questions with grammar and spelling mistakes which for me is unsettling but the questions were geared toward how we work with mistakes our students make learning. Check out the archive.

9/10/14 – I enjoy participating in the #WeirdEd chat every Wednesday evening at 10:00pm. This past Wednesday was focused on the jobs you don’t go to school for or jobs that aren’t written in your job description…Check out the archive…

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