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This page is dedicated to #Totallyrossome which is a Twitter chat moderated by Ross LeBrun. He is an administrator from New Jersey…I had the honor of meeting him at #ISTE this summer. I hope you enjoy his unconventional chats.

*#totallyrossome has continued but the storify archives have stopped.

7/21/15 – Calling All Lurkers – Ross wanted lurkers to become more involved. We discussed different Twitter helpers for fast Twitter chats and a side conversation about voxer.

7/14/15 – Blanket Statements for Connected Educators – discussed quick fixes promised by Connected Educators.

7/7/15 – The #totallyrossome Breakfast Club – focused on cliques in schools and how to break down the walls

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Upcoming Conferences ISTE 2017 – International Society of Technology in Education Conference, Denver CO – June 25-28, 2017 – Humans of Education with Amanda Rogers and Blogging in the Middle School Language Arts Classroom.  Leadership Academy…

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