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#nbtchat – No Box Thinking is a chat developed and moderated by @JonathanKegler from Texas. He has created a group focused around burning boxes and creating change in education. Please take time to check it out Sunday nights at 7:30pm est.

5/31/15 – #nbtchat was focused on passions and thought provoking ideas.

5/3/15 – #nbtchat was focused on hiring…check it out.

4/12/15 – #nbtchat was focused around Reflection inspired by Principal Kafele (Round 3).

4/5/15 – #nbtchat was focused around Reflections Inspired by Principal Kafele (Round 2).

3/29/15 – #nbtchat was all about Reflection Inspired by Principal Kafele.

3/22/15 – #nbtchat was all about Compellaboration: Collaboration vs. Competition.

3/15/15 – #nbtchat was all about Destinations…I was all fired up…good stuff!

3/1/15 – #nbtchat was a year in review. We looked back and reflected and we challenged ourselves to keep burning boxes in the upcoming year.

2/15/15 – #nbtchat – I was asked to moderate No Box Thinking chat this evening. I was completely honored to have led such a great conversation. It focused around the book, The Orange Frog by Shawn Achor. Enjoy the archive.

2/8/15 – #nbtchat focused on guarding greatness tonight. Enjoy reading through the archive.

1/18/15 – #nbtchat focused on dreaming the No Box Thinking way…totally awesome chat and you won’t regret reading the archive…

1/11/15 – #nbtchat focused on coaching this evening…I was honored enough to have been contacted to help write some of the questions…pretty cool. Enjoy!

1/4/15 – #nbtchat focused on planning…lesson planning, life planning and anything else that needs planned. It was a great chat.

12/21/14 – #nbtchat focused on Tank Talk, “E” or “F”…how is an environment at empty vs. full. Another great chat with @jonathankegler.

12/14/14 – #nbtchat focused on Graduation…tips we would give new teachers…It was great to reminisce but at the same time choose a new teacher at our building to mentor…He’s always challenging my thinking…

12/7/14 – #nbtchat focused on reflection…it hit home for me as I reflected upon so many aspects of my teaching and abilities. Check it out!

11/30/14 – #nbtchat focused on thankfulness and box burning. It was inspiring and encouraging…

11/16/14 – #nbtchat focused around teaching and learning styles. Check it out…

11/9/14 – #nbtchat was titled Overwhelmed with Solutions: How to become solutions based. Enjoy…

11/2/14 – #nbtchat returned tonight after a little hiatus. We discussed goals, how to achieve the goals and what was standing in our way…It was a great chat to begin with this week.

9/28/14 – #nbtchat tonight was focused around assistant principals and how you can maintain your leadership while working with and along side another leader. It was a great conversation amounts outside the box thinkers…

9/21/14 – #nbtchat tonight was fabulous…we discussed how we as No Box Thinkers can lead, build relationships and create change. Words really can express how much this Twitter chat means to me…I have found people who think like me and inspire me to move things where I am…I love it!

9/15/14 – Participated in #nbtchat (no box thinking chat) last night and boy was it amazing. I was on fire and so were the other participants. I hope you enjoy the archive…if so, join us Sunday nights beginning at 7:30pm est.

9/7/14 – Tonight I participated in the #nbtchat (No Box Thinking Chat). It happens every Sunday night at 7:30pm est. It is led by some great educators in Texas…@jonathankegler and @JennGRoach. Tonights topic was No Box or Excuse Allowed based on the book shown to the left. Damen Lopez was present during the chat as well. Check him and the No Excuses University out at I have included the link below for the storify archive…Enjoy!

7/20/14 – Tonight I was a guest moderator on #nbtchat where we discussed Community. I feel so inspired when I am involved in this chat and especially the night I led the discussion. Here is the archive to get you thinking about Community and how to build it.

Check this video out too on Community…

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