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#ChristianEducators chat occurs every Thursday evening at 9:00pm est. Rik Rowe, @WHSRowe is the moderator and should be followed for reminders.

4/9/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Increasing Communication

4/2/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Who to Follow

3/26/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Overcoming Disappointments

3/19/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Ownership

3/12/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Planning

3/5/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Does your Digital Footprint Glorify God? Led by @DrBillZiegler

2/26/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Instilling Confidence

2/19/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Reflective Learning

1/29/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Promises of Christian Educators

1/22/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Instilling Growth in Others

1/15/15 – #ChristianEducators chat…Distracted Learning

10/9/14 – #ChristianEducators chat…Asking questions to build relationships and continue learning and growing.

10/2/14 – #ChristianEducators tonight focused on rest. Please check out the archive.

9/19/14 – Last night I participated (for the most part) in a discussion on resiliency in education and in our lives. The discussion on how we deal with failures and other defeats focused on our christian values.

9/12/14 – I participated in the #Christian Educators chat last evening…we discussed Meaningful Conversations. It was a great conversation and hope it is helpful to you as well.

9/4/14 – Today I had to opportunity to co-moderate a Twitter chat with a fellow educator, Rik Rowe (@WHSRowe). #ChristianEducators is a chat that’s held every Thursday night at 9pm est. I jumped at the chance to co-moderate and spent many hours thinking about six questions and creating picture slide for them (I have trouble staying under 140 characters on Twitter). The opportunity we have as educators to connect with other eduators all over the world is amazing and I can’t pass it up! I have built a great Professional Learning Network (PLN) and I continue to grow daily along side of them.

Please take time to check out the archive of tonight’s chat entitled, Perseverance. Thank you!

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