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Twitter Happenings

This page is dedicated to Twitter chats that I participate in but maybe not on a weekly basis. Still great learning going on and I hope you are able to gain some information from reading the archives.

1/18/16 – #ELLChat – Using Picture Books with ELLs to Teach English

10/21/15 – #FLedChat – From PD to PL Taking Control of Learning

10/1/15 – #CEOct Chapter 3…This month is Connected Educator’s Month and we’re celebrating by having a 24 hour twitter chat using the #CEOct hashtag.

9/29/15 – I participated in #RuralEdChat this evening as they discussed Connection and Collaboration. Enjoy!

9/29/15 – I participated in a conversation on the art of comprehension with #tesoloz which I just found. It’s an ELL chat that takes place in Australia…Enjoy!

9/9/15 – I participated in #FledChat (Florida Education Chat) this evening where we discussed The Changing Role of the Teacher. Enjoy!

8/30/15 – I was quoted in a Personalized PD in Action storify by Randall Sampson.

8/7/14 – I attended the #SPARCC conference in Massillon, Ohio and also led a session on Twitter 101. Here is an archive created by David Grimes.

8/5+6/15 – I attended the #ILEOhio Conference (Innovative Learning Environments Conference in Hilliard, OH. Dave Burgess, John Marschausen and Kevin Carroll were the keynotes. I highly recommend this conference.

8/6/15 – – Remind Connected Educators chat

7/31/-8/1/2015 – #EdCampGlobal…I participated in many different Twitter chats throughout the 24 hours. Archives below… – Amanda Rogers – Technology in the Classroom – Jon Harper – How and Why Blogging – Connie Hamilton Ed.S – Twitter Chat Beginnings

7/28/15 – I had the honor again of being a guest moderator for my friend, Tammy Neils RuralEdChat. Check out the link to the archive.

7/22/15 – I had the honor of being the guest moderator for #FledChat. My friend Tammy Neil asked me to help and it was a great chat. Please check out the archive and my blog post about the chat.

7/15/16 – #FledChat or Florida Education Chat had a guest moderator (Jeanne Tribuzzi) and discussed Redefining Writing Instruction. Great chat and check out the archive.

7/13/15 – #edcampldr took place all over the world and by twitter follower, Ryan Collins created an archive. Enjoy!

7/2/15 – #ISTE2015 – Twitter friend, Kitty Tripp created this archive.

7/2/15 – #ISTE2015 – Twitter friend, Vickie Morgado created an ISTE archive.

7/4/15 – #ISTE2015 – Twitter friend, Tina Lauer completed an ISTE archive.

7/8/15 – #ISTE2015 – Twitter friend Jessica Raleigh completed an ISTE archive.

7/4/15 – #nt2t – New To Twitter chat discussed Independent Thinking – Twitter Style

#dubMSela or Dublin Middle School’s English Language Arts Chat has taken place for two summers. It was started by and led by Jennifer Wolf (@jenniferwolf), a Dublin Middle School ELA teacher. This year we are reading Energize: Research Reading and Writing by Christopher Lehman (@ichrislehman).

6/10/15 – Our first Twitter chat on the book, Energize: Research Reading and Writing by Christopher Lehman.

5/12/15 – #hcsdchat – The last chat for Hilliard City Schools…The year-in-review.

4/9/15 – #delachat – The inaugural chat for the state of Delaware. It was a fantastic chat…

3/14/15 – #Edcampcbus – A great day at Clark Hall with great educators on fire for change and learning.

3/10/15 – #FLedChat – A conversation about stress…student stress and teacher stress. Great conversation…Check out the archive.

3/4/15 – #FLGAChat – First ever Florida and Georgia chat combined. The topic was student voice.

2/17/15 – #RuralEdChat – A great chat that focused on expanding your PLN. Guest moderator was @SarahdaTeechur. Enjoy!

1/17/15 – #nt2t – New to Twitter chat focused on Twitter…he he. Check out the archive to learn more.

1/13/15 – #hcsdchat – Hilliard City School District chat focused on goals tonight…join the Twitter Challenge too.

1/5/15 – #TTOG – Teachers Throwing Out Grades – grassroots movement for eliminating grades from schools. A very fast-paced 30 minute chat.

12/9/14 – #HCSDchat – Year in Review. Check out the archive from this chat…its the district in which I live and it takes place once a month on Tuesday nights.

11/29/14 – Saturday morning chat…#nt2t – New Teachers 2 Twitter. Today different Twitter basics were discussed along with chats and people we follow. Always an eye opening chat.

10/18/14 – Saturday morning chat…#nt2t…New Teachers 2 Twitter

10/14/14 – #hcsdchat – Hilliard City School District Chat…The Great Homework Debate

10/4/14 – Saturday morning chat…check it out.

7/9/14 – Power of the PLN…In honor of Connected Educators month

9/13/14 – My kids woke me up early this morning so I decided to take part in some pd. Satchat (Saturday chat) was discussing professional development…My friend @mathneil, Tammy Neil threw together a storify archive of her favorite tweets…check it out.

9/8/14 – Tonight I participated in the #COLchat (Culture Of Learning chat) chat about Heroism. I’ve thought of heroes before but when I say hero, who comes to mind? Michael Jordan, Mother Theresa, Princess Diana, the Pope, among others…but what about you?

Are you a hero? Do you know a hero? Can you be a hero to someone? Think about it…

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