Tough Kids

IMG_6191So how do we work with tough kids? Do we ignore? Do we give negative consequences? Do we praise good behavior? Do we investigate to find the reasons why they are so tough? Do we try to build relationships in order to learn about each other and how each other respond?

So many questions but I believe we MUST take time to build relationships…It’s our job to take time to get to know them…learn what they like…what they dislike…I believe in order to best reach our students, we need to know them.

I have a tough student right now who I’m having trouble getting to know. I will eat lunch with him tomorrow and take some time to get to know him. I do this in hopes that he will be more responsive to my expectations as his teacher. He has had a rough start to life and know I can’t fix everything but I can maybe plant a seed or chip away at who his is down deep.

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