Tough Kids contd.

So my tough kid continues…I feel as though I’m chipping away at his hard exterior but it’s going to take some time. Today he didn’t want to apologize to a student when he accidentally stepped on her finger. Eventually I went over to him and squatted down in front of him…that’s all I needed to do to elicit a big hug. He hugged me and smiled a big smile. We chatted a bit and he finally agreed to say sorry. He went about his activities for the rest of the morning and he did a great job. I will continue to chip away at “wall” he’s built around himself with each passing day.

I don’t understand how a child of five could be so upset with life. He’s been exposed to too much in his short little life and is in need of good role models and needs LOVE! As the Beatles sang, “All You Need is Love”…This little boy needs love…he needs to feel needed…he needs to feel appreciated…I will do my best to create an environment conducive to getting him these things.