As my family and I looked for a movie safe for the whole family, we landed on Tomorrowland. Going into it we didn’t know much about the premise of the movie but I was pleasantly surprised. tomorrowlandpinonly500x500r21431119358753

Tomorrowland is about a faraway land that only certain people can access. You have to have a certain pin which is given to you and the only people who are given these pins are people who are dreamers. Dreamers are needed and recruited. In the movie, people see glimpses of the future but choose to do nothing to change it.

As educators, we touch the future each day…we see glimpses into the future every second of our day. What are we doing to change their futures? Are we helping to create dreamers? Are we dreamers? Are we creating change in our classrooms? Are we creating change in our schools? Are we creating change in our districts? What are we doing in order to create a better “tomorrowland”?