I love my family and I love time…can we have both?

I have talked to so many people who never take time for themselves and some who are always taking time for themselves. Can we find a balance? I feel like we must!

I have to take time for myself every once in a while or I’m not at my best. I teach all day and then go home to care for two active children. My husband is a High School Athletic Trainer therefore he works many evenings and weekends. When there is time in our schedule I try to get away for a bit…don’t get excited, it’s usually a trip to the grocery or the mall but husband understands the need for time.

As I write, I’m sitting at the mall waiting for my twin sister to arrive so we can hang out. If I could, I would hang out with her everyday but it’s not possible. We will probably just walk and talk but that’s all I need.

I hope you find time to take time…time to be a better wife/husband…time to be a better mom/dad…time to be a better teacher/leader. Enjoy your time!