I have found that being at three buildings can be a challenge for most and I include myself. There are some areas of my teaching life that I would like more time for. I will speak to them below…

  • Time for Students: Time with students is limited…My middle school schedule is typical with 50 minutes per class period but my afternoons at the elementaries are scheduled based on their schedule and needs of the students. One of my elementary’s is low in numbers while the other is high. I have equal time at both but think I may need to change this to one/four days and not two/three days. I would love to give my one elementary school more time with each group so adding a fourth day may really help with this.
  • Time for Collaboration: Because my time at all three buildings is so limited, I would like to have more time to collaborate. I need time to talk with teachers to find out what they are teaching, how I can better support them and assist them with accommodating and modifying. This is crucial as it directly helps my students. I just sent out an email to introduce Office Hour Monday…I will be available for teachers to come and ask questions and talk…I’m hoping this is productive time and well worth it for both me and the content area teacher.
  • Time for Relationship Building: I am a big relationship person…I thrive by being around people, talking with people and building relationships with people. I have built relationships with some teachers at my new building but there are so many that I still do not know their names. When I see them in the hallway, i will stop them to ask because I dislike not knowing people’s names. I don’t like being the unnamed person as well. If you don’t know me, please come and talk to me. Don’t stare and wonder, ask me.
  • Time for Planning: As a traveling teacher, I have to schedule in my 45/50 minute planning time. As of today, I only have this amount of time two days a week. My mornings are full with three classes, lunch (30 min.), travel time (30 min.) and then planning for about 24 minutes. When I arrive at my other schools at 12:30, I have multiple groups to teach and see. No rest for the weary.

I love teaching and I love working with ELLs. Once I get into a groove, it becomes easier but the first few months can be hectic and stressful but once I see my students, it all goes away.I have found different ways to communicate with teachers that I believe will help in the long run (Google Docs, Google Sheets, ProgressBook, Google Classroom and others). I will keep you posted on how things are going over the next months.