The Twelve Days of Winter Skype…

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Last week ended with a Skype-A-Thon and of course we had to participate. We Skyped with Jenny Levinson, a media specialists from Miami, Florida. She chose to read us Twelve Days Of Winter by Deborah Lee Rose. She had some middle school students help her sing as she sang along with them. 

My students enjoyed the book immensely and were excited to be able to participate in the Skype. We spent time after the book answering questions that the students had for us. They asked what kind of music they liked, which school they liked more, Japanese or American and a few other questions. 

Afterwards I had my students complete a reflection based on our Skype experience. All of my students liked listening to the book but one student had a small complaint. One said they didn’t like how you had to speak so loudly into the laptop. Maybe next time we will have it set up differently. 

I look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to Skype and hope to be able to bring the technology into a sixth grade language arts classroom later this year. The classroom teacher asked me to take the initiative to bring it into her classroom. I am excited and honored to be able to bring a new “world” into her classroom.