Teacher Appreciation Week – Mrs. Miller

In this blog post, I will celebrate my daughter’s third grade teacher, Mrs. Miller. My daughter loves school and is an avid learner and reader. She struggles a bit with math but with the proper support, she’s able to achieve.

Let me tell you about Mrs. Miller…She was my daughter’s third grade teacher at Scioto Darby Elementary in Hilliard, OH. She gave my daughter the support she needed while challenging her at the same time. I want to share with you a little story about Mrs. Miller.

My daughter was asked to be in a small group for some extra reading enrichment called Junior Guild. It was during the school day and was led by a parent. She had a book to read with short stories and sometimes had homework to complete. One of the homework assignments she did not complete on time so I emailed the mom to see if we could have another day to work on it. She said sh needed to contact Mrs. Miller so she could handle it.

Mrs Miller talked to my daughter about it when I came in to pick her up early for a dentist appointment. Instead of talking to me and asking me to handle it, she spoke right to my daughter. She squatted down and asked her the questions and waited for her feedback. She stated that it was an extra group and that she didn’t need to be included. My daughter was worried that she wouldn’t be considered a good reader if she wasn’t a part of this group. This idea was destroyed immediately by Mrs. Miller…she would still be considered an excellent reader even if she wasn’t in this group. She allowed my daughter to think about it and wanted her answer in the next day or two.

Mrs. Miller allowed my daughter to take ownership of her decision making and gave her choice. She treated her with such respect and empowered her to decide her future with this group. She is still my daughter’s favorite teacher and I totally understand why…Mrs. Miller gave my daughter wings to fly on her own while still providing a comfortable landing spot.

Thank you Mrs. Miller for being a light for my daughter…