It’s already July 17…where has the summer gone? Have I spent my time wisely? Have I finished things I wanted to? Have I gone to the pool enough? Have I spent ample time with my children and husband? Have a learned more about my craft? Have I learned more about myself?

Have I spent my time wisely? yes and no…I may have taken too many naps but it is my vacation. I have attended conferences and different seminars to hone my craft as well.

Have I finished things I wanted to? I redid the message boards in my kitchen, I painted my son’s bedroom and have a few more things to do. I need to reupholster a couch I gathered from someone’s yard and paint a small five drawer system my mom gave me.

Have I gone to the pool enough? NO…it has rained too much in central ohio…too sad!

Have I spent ample time with my children and husband? It’s hard to spend time with my kids at times because they love our neighbors. I am so glad we have young children as neighbors so my kiddos have other’s to play with and be entertained. We have seen a few movies together and gone to the pool when it hasn’t rained. It is also my husbands vacation so he’s been taking advantage of being able to spend time with his friends as well.

Have a learned more about my craft? Absolutely…I have been able to attend many different conferences this summer and seminars. I attended a two day seminar at the ESC to learn how I can be an effective Resident Educator Mentor for first year to fourth year teachers. I hope I have the opportunity to use my knowledge this coming year to be a mentor to a new teacher.

I also was able to attend the International Society of Technology in Education conference (ISTE) this past June in Philadelphia. I had an awesome experience and was able to meet many members of my PLN and I learned an immense amount of information about using technology for learning and guiding.

Next I attended EdCampldr which was an amazing event which was held in over 17 locations all over the world. Next year, Joe Mazza is hoping to have an EdCampldr in every state in the union…EdCamp’s are designed by the participants and the schedule is created the same day with no pre-planning. It’s authentic learning!

I still have a few more conferences this summer to attend and have the pleasure of presenting at each of them. I am presenting on Creating a PLN which includes Twitter and Voxer. Sharing my love for being a connected educator to other educators is my top desire.

Have I learned more about myself? Yes…I have learned that I am a strong woman who doesn’t waiver easily. I will not give up until I accomplish my dream. My dream of leading and guiding. My dream of empowering others, students and teachers…I have put myself out there and know it will pay off. I am more confident than I ever have been before and know I’m going place…I need to be prepared to go when called…

This has been one of my best summers and there’s still more to come…