Socratic Circles

Over spring break I had the opportunity to visit a fellow educator, Twitter and Voxer friend, James Sturtevant. He teaches in a neighboring school district, coincidentally the same district in which my nephew attends. I arrived at Big Walnut HS early on a Thursday morning and started the day off by parking in the student section. Oops. Then I had to ask the secretary for some gum since I left my entire book bag at my house.

I met Jim right inside the doors of the school and I believe the entire school heard him say hello. What a welcome! We walked down to his classroom and soon the students were coming in…Our topic for the socratic circle was Islam. Jim sent me and others material to look over before we participated so we would be knowledgable. When the students were all present, we began. The inner circle takes over for the first 10 minutes while the outer circle listens. Then after the 10 minutes, we switch places.

I was so impressed by the level of respect and kindness these high school students had for each other. They were mature beyond their years and carried themselves very well. I enjoyed myself so much and can’t wait for a chance to return to his classroom.

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