Never Thought…

B4Bgn8jCEAAiUAsBook writer and podcast producer…never thought these would be words I would use to describe myself but the longer I live on Twitter, Voxer and listen to podcasts, these are terms that I have been throwing around. I never thought I had something worth sharing and am so thankful for my PLN for inspiring me to grow and become better, not only as a teacher but as a person.

I have had the opportunity to talk with so many educators from all over the world, listen to their podcasts and converse with them on twitter. Some of these educators have inspired me to think about writing a book and beginning a podcast. I think it sounds crazy just thinking about it and typing it.

There is a need to hear other educators speak about “hot topics”…not only to learn but to know that we are not alone. Sometimes educators only receive professional development through books, Twitter, Voxer and podcasts.  We as educators should long to be on top of our game, should have a growth mindset and though these different outlets, we can grow and feed these desires.

Thank you to all of my PLN for inspiring me to step outside of my box and take a bold step towards publishing and talking.