My Mom’s Birthday…

IMG_9559My family and I celebrated my mom’s 68th birthday this afternoon at my house. Of course the plans were made then I was told the plans would play out at my house…nice one family.

So we are providing the meat and buns and the rest of the family is bringing side dishes and dessert. Today our four year old grill decides it’s done working so we have to drag over the neighbors so we can cook our food. Just a slight hiccup in the plans.

All the kids are playing outside in our little blow-up pool due to the heat and the adults or should I say my mom, my sisters and I were sitting inside where it was cool and the husbands sat outside so they could smoke cigars. They “watched” the children as the ladies and I were able to talk in the house mostly uninterrupted.

I see my mom, a young 68 who is retired and happy. She went through many trials in her 68 years…divorce, death of parents, car accidents, job losses and other trials but she was always my mom, caring for me and my three sisters. She was able to introduce us to so much as children…she sang professionally so we were able to attend Operas and other musical events. I didn’t understand much as a child but looking back, I know she wanted us to experience different things, different people and different styles. I appreciate my mom for this.

A few years ago my mom was able to build and purchase a brand new house. I was so proud of her because finally at the age of 65, she was able to do it. Most people take this for granted…buying house after house…buying new car after new car…not my mom. She held on to cars for 10+ years…I used to make fun of her cars but now I understand!

My mom was trying to teach me so much as I was growing up but not much of it sank in until I became a wife and mother. She loved me even when I yelled at her…she loved me even when I made fun of her…she loved me even when I said I hated her…She always loved me!

My mom knows everything about her little girl…It’s an honor to call her my mom, Margaret Cipriani.