#Leadership15 – Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is a gathering of the minds in Dublin City Schools. We volunteer our time to come and learn from each other. I have had the opportunity to present about Twitter the last two years due to my involvement with #DubChat, our district Twitter chat. I had great attendance in both session and was proud to introduce such a great tool to my fellow educators. I hope they see the power in Twitter and truly embrace becoming a Connected Educator.

I took notes on the sessions I attended and our “keynotes” during Leadership Academy this year. I took this idea from my friend Shauna Pollock. Thank you for allowing me to “steal” your ideas. It helps others learn even though they are not in attendance. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jmjqt6S7RNjMD-bSBy6g9DpeB3cn4oTtiPGlKgv7MPY/edit?usp=sharing.

I attended a session led by the two Scotts…Scott Sibberson and Scott Sweet. They are both Technology Support Teachers (TST’s) in Dublin City Schools. They are here to support the teachers in using technology in their classrooms. Today they led a session on Google Classroom. I like how we were able to work inside the tool and see how we could use it with our classes. I can’t wait to use it this school year!

Dustin Miller, Principal at Dublin Jerome HS, spoke about communication with parents and other staff members. Some highlights…

Strategies for Parental Communication:

  • time: do not reply right away: 24 hours is polite
  • if possible: make a phone call – don’t avoid it. If you don’t feel comfortable calling, have someone help you with it.
  • be brief: keep it short. don’t send too many life rafts. sweet and short…to the point.
  • try to be as confidential as you can be…don’t tell everyone the story and keep it quiet

The second day began with a short talk by our superintendent, Dr. Todd Hoadley. He spoke about the number of new enrollees and presented us with the list of all the different countries our students were born in who had enrolled. The list was probably 30 countries deep…our students are so diverse…It’s amazing. I feel honored to be able to work in a district who values English Language Learners and values our diversity. I also got a shout-out from his as well…bonus.

Another great session I attended was one on wordless book done by Franki Sibberson and Gretchen Taylor. Wordless books open doors for all learners…powerful tool. One book they had us explore was Sidewalk Flowers by JonArno Lawson and Sydney Smith. It was an awesome book with many teachable concepts.

Wordless Books:

  • Teacher modeling
  • Reading with intention
    • details that make us wonder
    • details that repeat
    • consider message as we read
  • experience/practice

I hope you have learned from my time at the Dublin Leadership Academy…See you next year!