Keys in Leadership…

So I’ve been pensive today…I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership. What is needed to be an effective leader?…How does one effectively make decisions?…Is it better to be a manager than a leader?…Is it better to be quiet or outspoken?…I feel that a leader needs to be a mix of all of the previous statements.

I believe there are some key characteristics needed for leaders to be effective…

  1. Communication: As leaders, communication is key. We need to be the relayers of information, positive or negative. People count on us to give information to parents, other teachers and to be the go between to central office. Here is an article that has some great tips for effective communication.
  2. Relationships: As leaders, relationship building is key. In order to create change or encourage each other, we need to have relationships with our fellow educators, leaders, parents and community. We need to model this for our staff and students. Building relationships is the foundation to everything and necessary today and everyday!
  3. Empowerment: As a leader, it is our duty to empower others. We need to empower our fellow teachers, our students and our parents. We need to trust, support and empower. When we empower, teacher happiness increases and morale.

There are so many more characteristics that make up a great leader…I hope you take time to think about what characteristics you value and improve on them even more. Here’s an article with more qualities and indicators of effective leaders.