ISTE 2015 – Day Two…

FullSizeRenderAnother great day at ISTE where I had the opportunity to meet more wonderful educators and learn a bit about puppet making. Sam Patterson (@SamPatue) and Doug Robertson (@theweirdteacher) game Shauna Pollock (@MissPollock) and I some advice and even a hand drawing for creating our own.

Shauna and I had our session…you may ask, what room were you in? Great question…We presented in the hallway. It was awesome! Went right along with our theme, Calling All Weird Teachers. We had a great group of educators who embraced weird and were ready to share it. My major takeaway was that we need to embrace ourselves and build relationships with our students so they can embrace themselves as well.

The night ended with the Gaggle party at The Field House which was a blast. I do have to admit that the 2:30-3:00am bedtimes are doing a number on me but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am having a blast learning and growing my PLN.