#ILEOhio – Day Two

Day two didn’t fail me…What a great day to start out with Dave Burgess. Unbelievable speaker and motivator who gets it. I enjoyed learning about his hooks and would have loved to have had him as a teacher.

Breakout Session #3: Non-traditional Families – Shawn Mickels

I was able to attend a session about Non-Traditional Families by Shawn Mickels from Olentangy City Schools. He himself is a parent of adopted children and experienced first hand the discrimination his children faced in classrooms with assignments. He provided us with some articles and materials to use with our students in order to remove the discrimination of non-traditional families. It is our responsibility as teacher to be considerate for all our students… He also talked about the Five A’s

The Five A’s

  • Acceptance – we must set the tone and we need to understand the parents. We need to listen to the parents…safe place vs. unsafe
  • Accuracy – we need to educate our students using accurate information. Books are a great way to teach children about differences…
  • Assignments – be sensitive about assignments. Timelines need to be adjusted…
  • Assistance – our parents can help and we can do the same for them
  • Advocacy – research, understand with more learning.

Breakout Session #4 – Janine Seymour and Vicki Willett – Licking Heights SD

The presenters spoke about growth and fixed mindset which is based on the book Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck. One book they mentioned too was Joann Deak – Fantastic Elastic Brain. 

Breakout Session #5 – I spent time talking to my Twitter friend, Paul Shircliff about systematic school change.

Here is a link to my notes again…https://docs.google.com/document/d/19KJpYVmLleRCcYukJ_NYm0gXIVKKiq8uALX-s_2G_IU/edit?usp=sharing