#ILEOhio – Day One

I look forward to this conference every year…It’s in my backyard. The Innovative Learning Environments Conference is always hosted in early August and is famous for bringing in big name speakers. This year is no different…Kevin Carroll and Dave Burgess and don’t forget our trusted and fabulous Superintendent, John Marschhausen.

Today I learned that I need to dream, create, inspire, encourage, build relationships, belong, require balance, persevere and so much more. I have taken notes for you to check out and learn even more about the keynotes and sessions.

We need to fan the flame…encourage the spark…Kevin CarrollBw-Hx3VIIAArJjB

This afternoon I had the honor of presenting on Becoming a Connected Educator. It was a great session which covered tools, Personalized PD and much more. What I believe is the best about breakout sessions is the conversation that occurs. The “stuff” thats not on the script. Questions about privacy, why social media, time constraints, and more. My hope is that I created some thoughts in their minds about jumping out of their comfort zone to explore the unknown.


I can’t wait to see what day two has in store…