Ideal school…

I have been around education long enough to see that some aspects need to be changed…some faster than others…but there needs to be a change. If you could open your ideal school, what would it look like? smell like? taste like? feel like? sound like?

SchoolMy ideal school would…

Look like: bright colors, open spaces, non-traditional seating, technology (1-1), different aged students learning together

Smell like: fresh air, fresh flowers, sneakers, a little BO

Taste like: fresh lunches, fresh breakfasts, fresh water, fresh snacks, eclectic foods made with locally grown products

Feel like: soft furniture, soft floors, soft writing surfaces, hard computers or other technology devices, the lack of textbooks

Sound like: students talking, not too much teacher talk, music in selected areas, teachers guiding

I have hopes that one day there will be a school just like the one I previously describe…I want to have the opportunity to work there in some capacity. I want to be a change agent leading the overhaul of schools…I want to be a light for others to understand the need for change…I want to be involved in change!