I Pitched

Ah yes…we all need to slow down and enjoy a good dance, a fantastic picnic and a sweet game of baseball (even from the toilet).


By: Jon Harper

I was short several staff that day.

Not quite sure how classrooms and assignments were going to get covered.

Unresolved issues that I needed to look into.

Didn’t feel like I was caught up on my paperwork.

Still had to pack lunches, get dressed, get my son dressed and drop him off at daycare.

My brain would not relax and I was feeling STRESSED!

My wife and daughter had already left for school, so it was just my son and I. We usually have a good 30-40 minutes of quality time together before our day starts. But I have been quite busy recently and I have allowed my busyness to seep into my brain and interfere with our morning time.

I don’t mean to offend anyone, but in order to describe what took place next I need to be honest. I am apologizing ahead of time if I offend anyone.

So I am sitting on the toilet using the bathroom and trying to capture a few minutes of peace and quiet before heading to work, when my three-year old nonchalantly just walks right in.

“Uh, Derek Daddy is going potty.”

That did nothing.

Did I mention that he had a soft baseball bat and plastic ball in his hand?

“Daddy, let’s play baseball!”

“Daddy can’t right now, he is going potty.”

To which he replied, “Daddy, you can throw,”

What? Doesn’t he see that I am sitting on the toilet!?

Obviously he does, but that has no influence on his request.

So, I did what I had to.

I pitched.

While seated on the toilet!

This lasted only a couple of pitches, and we were able to move our impromptu baseball game to a more appropriate venue.

baseball2We had a blast! Our game didn’t last long. But it made my day! It helped me to refocus. Too often we get so bogged down in the demands and stresses of our jobs that we lose perspective on what matters most. For me it’s spending quality time with my wife and kids.

This happened Monday morning, and while it did help me regain perspective, I have still woken up each morning thinking about what needed to be done at work once I arrived. But each morning, without fail, my three-year old little buddy has turned me back around.

Tuesday we danced in the kitchen

picnicand Wednesday we had a breakfast picnic.

I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us today.

Let go of the wheel today.

Just for a little while.




and pitch.

Above all else, don’t be afraid to pitch!