I Am A Writer…

I am a writerI have never considered myself a writer…I don’t use a fancy pen, I don’t use paper and I feel that my grammar could be better at times. We are all writers…some write for themselves, some write for others and some write to teach.

I have become a writer for myself…I blog. If you check my my recent dates, you’ll see that I’ve been a bit behind in writing but I try to make multiple posts per month. I can blame my lack of recent blog posts on teaching and being crazy busy. The beginning of the school year always bogs me down with necessary paperwork and frustration. A better time to blog I would say.

I have become a writer for others…I blog. I try to write blog posts that can help others or allow people to see things from my point of view. Is my point of view always right? Of course not but it might help someone see things differently. My hope is that learning can take place at my site and that people use it as a resource.

I have become a writer to teach…I blog. I use my blog posts to inspire others, to teach others and to motivate others. I also use my blog as an example to other educators and to my students…If I am teaching my students to write, I should be a writer too. I hope to one day get my students involved in blogging too…they can help teach others as well.

I came late to the blogging world…I was in my 15th year of teaching when I jump into this world. There are so many different tools one can use to blog…here are a fews different tools you can use if you’re interesting in blogging…I would recommend beginning with a free tool to try it out before you pay.

Here is a blog post about getting others to read your blog…http://sproutsocial.com/insights/get-people-to-read-your-blog/ By Dominique Jackson

I hope through this blog and others, you feel motivated to become a writer.