As educators, we work our tails off to do what’s best for students. Some of us go above and beyond to meet the needs of the students and the school. We arrive early…we stay late. We attend conferences over the summer and read literature to educate ourselves. We present in the evenings to the PTO…Central office staff…we do more than the 40 hours required of us.

So what do we get in return?

Why are some educators earmarked for discipline? Why can some teachers never do what’s right? Why are some on “the” list?

How can you take yourself off that list? How do you respond to the discipline? How do you begin to do what’s right?

We all know educators in this group and we wonder how we can help…here are my suggestions.

  1. Listen: Listen to your fellow coworker. Just listen…don’t give advice, don’t do things for them, just listen. Sometimes getting something off your chest can make the frustration go away.
  2. Ask Questions: Ask questions to guide their thinking. Can you tell me again what happened? Am I able to help you in any way? Would you like me to do anything for you? Help the person delve deeper so they can reflect.
  3. Don’t Judge: When someone comes to you to vent, don’t judge them. We have all had bad days…we have all been frustrated with someone…we have all needed a set of ears to listen so do just that, listen and don’t judge.
  4. Keep it to yourself: When someone confides in you, keep it to yourself. Don’t gossip about them or exaggerate the story to someone else.
  5. Be trustworthy and supportive: Keep it to yourself…support when needed and when asked…don’t judge and love them just the same.