English Language Learner Helpers – Visuals

imagesWe know people learn through different means…visual, auditory, kinesthetic, aural, logical, social and solitary…and one size doesn’t fit all, so why do we teach like it does?

Judie Haynes has spent much of her life teaching ELL students and has immense knowledge on the best ways to help and teach them in your classroom. On her website, www.everythingesl.net, she has an article titled, Seven Teaching Strategies for Classroom Teachers of ELLs which gives a brief overview of seven great strategies all classroom teachers could use in their classroom in order assist ELLs.

Using visuals in your classroom helps all students. They are able to connect your spoken words with the visual words or picture. Through seeing the picture or graphic representation they are able to connect the unknown English word to a word they know in their first language (L1). Using visuals will allow the student to learn English at a faster rate and allow them to be more of a participant in class. We need to allow for the most learning opportunity for our ELLs.

Literacy Through Photography for English Language Learners written by Tabitha Dell-Angelo also discusses the benefits of using photos to help children learn English. Using photos and photos they take helps ELLs to tell their story and it’s one they know well.

Another great quick sheet to reference for working with ELLs in your classroom…Strategies to Support English Language Learners – edutopia-dl-support-strategies-ell