Emergency Rooms…

So you may wonder how I spend my Saturday night…well, I spent it at the Dublin Methodist Hospital with my two children. Our community was having a block party and my son decided to jump on a neighbors trampoline. Can you believe it, the metal post holding up the netting decided to jump out and hit my son in the head. Needless to say, he got a one centimeter cut on the back of his head. I was alerted through some screams of small children so I went running to see what had happened.

Gabriel had blood running down his neck and underneath his shirt…I took him over to the closest neighbors house to clean him up and decided to take a trip to the ER since the Children’s Close to Home was closed already. The 10 minute trip got us there safely and we arrived around 9:00pm. He was checked out right away then we were told to sit. After about 15 minutes he was seen by the nurse who took his vitals and double-checked his head. Then we were told to return to the waiting room for a room to open up so we could be seen by the doctor.

Let’s fast forward three and a half hours…we are now called back to see the doctor. Gabriel has already fallen asleep in the waiting roGabe's Headom and his sister, Genevieve isn’t too far behind. It’s now about 12:30 am and we are tired and I am irritated. I understand that some need to be seen sooner than others but I don’t like to be surrounded by sick people when my son just needs a staple. We did have the privilege of seeing a young man come in with a fishing lure stuck in his upper arm. I told him to post that all over Facebook…he’d be famous.

So now we are with the doctor and Gabriel is in pain. She is trying to clean his hair so she can get a better look and he’s crying. He was so brave and really did a great job, even when they put the staple in his head. My daughter told him that it was a superhero staple gun…that seemed to help him! So in went the staple and out came the screams. My little guy didn’t like that staple going into his head. They attempted to numb it but I don’t think it worked. He cried then asked for his sister to take a picture of the staple so he could see it. We eventually left the room and arrived home about 15 minutes later. Needless to say, our 2:00am arrival at home forced all of us to sleep in the next morning.

I am glad that it wasn’t worse and that it only required one staple. It will be removed on Monday, the day before his first day of school.