Educational Bill of Rights – Right #3

Risk TakingTo continue my posts related to my Education Bill of Rights, I bring you my third right.

Freedom of Risk Taking: We model risk taking for our children. We challenge thinking, we encourage, we empower.

Our students begin early in life as avid risk takers. For some reason as they age, they take less and less risks. It is our job as their teacher and guide to encourage them to take risks and create an environment in which it’s safe to take risks and possibly make mistakes.

We need to challenge their thinking..think outside the box and encourage them to be bold and be confident. Model it for them and tell of your own stories. I know I was afraid of taking risks but with relationships I’ve built, I’m more confident.

We need to empower our students. We need to be their cheerleaders, their encouragers and support them if they fall. We need to teach them confidence and how to be confident and have self-esteem so they can move mountains.