Educational Bill of Rights – Right #1

iStock_000021431921XSmall_610_300_s_c1_center_centerAs I was preparing for my Twitter chat this week, I wanted to use some of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s ideas to intertwine with my thoughts. I decided to create my own Educational Bill of Rights. I decided to create five but may add to them as I go along. I hope you find value in them, use them and get encouraged by them…

  1. Freedom of Creativity – We have the freedom to be creative with our teaching, planning, and organizing…It’s our arena, it’s our stage.

We are the creative forces behind all that we do…yes we may get ideas from other teachers but we put our own spin on them and make them ours. It is our job to be the “entertainers” or “actors” in our classrooms so our students will learn. @theweirdteacher, aka Doug Robertson, does a great job describing how teachers are actors in the classroom…

We are on “stage” while we teach…the students are looking to us to fill their brains with knowledge and yummy good stuff. We are the fillers of their buckets and the fillers of their brains. We need to make sure our recipe is on target and realize that not all students will like our recipes.

So what shall we do…change our recipes? change our ingredients? get different tools?

YES YES YES It is our job to change recipes, ingredients, tools…we need to research, learn and talk about what we need and do…we are the best resources for learning. We don’t have all the answers but it’s our job to find them.

I challenge you to be creative this week…try something new, use a new tool, ask a different question and see what happens…I’d love to hear about it below.