Today I attended EdCampldr (leader) in Columbus, OH. It was one of many EdCampldr’s occurring in different locations all over the world. I was honored to be in attendance. What I love about EdCamp’s is that the schedule is not pre-planned…it is created once everyone arrives and begin chatting. Today I attended three conversations led by others in my PLN and I led a session as well.

I first attended a conversation led by Dr. Neil Gupta and Ryan McLane titled Leadership Challenges. We had a very open and honest conversation around leadership and five important things to remember as leaders. I have included below a table we completed as we discussed.

Leadership Challenges Why is it important/necessary? What does it look like? Lessons Learned
Model the Way
  • Don’t tell someone something you aren’t willing to do
  • If we want the staff or students to try new things, we need to model it (risk-taking)
  • Why evaluate? For improvement
  • Own the fact that it takes time.
  • Teacher-student feedback piece parallels to Principal-staff member
Inspire a Shared Vision
  • First need to know what your vision is.
  • Creating the story.
  • Developing community.
  • The vision should be able to be articulated by the members of the organization – and should be modeled
  • Involving the leadership team.
  • What doesn’t work:
    • Never celebrating successes
    • Having too lofty of goals that are never attainable.
  • “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”
  • Find those “early adopters” and let them go!
  • Be self-reflective – do you really have a vision you live by and believe in
Challenge the Process
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Get to underlying decision making
  • Ask questions that get to the heart of the vision
  • How are you allowing others to challenge the process?
Enable Others to Act
  • Help create empowered staff
  • Being a leader is a big job
  • Most powerful when connected to “Model the Way”
  • Things happen best when it is grassroots
Encourage the Heart
  • Needed for morale
  • Encouraging notes and sincere thanks

The next conversation I attended was the one I led on Voxer. Voxer is a social media app that allows you to leave text, photo or voice Voxermessages for people. There are many different education voxer groups out there and you can find them here: EduVoxer Groups. We had ample time for hands on helping and guiding and was very helpful to have some experts in the room already.

We broke for lunch which I believe is the best time to network with others. About 20 of us took over the Rusty Bucket and enjoyed some collegial conversations and just plain fun.

After lunch I attended a conversation about mindset and how it affects the teachers and students in our schools. Very eye opening I might say so I am ever interested in reading the book by Dr. Carol Dweck. Brad Barboza shared the following article for us to read then the discussion started…http://www.brainpickings.org/2014/01/29/carol-dweck-mindset/.

The last conversation I attended was related to building your brand. Bobby Dodd led the conversation by sharing his story with us. He spoke about his resume, portfolio and the amount of research he would do before any interview. I took notes feverishly…I need to rewrite my resume and begin working on a portfolio. According to Bobby, you need to show and tell them what you will do for them by showing them what you’ve done in the past.

Overall, I had an awesome day surrounded by great educators and members of my PLN. Thank you #edcampldr for a great day of learning and growing!