Edcamp Global copyTonight I have the privilege of talking about what I love…ELLs in the Classroom through the medium of a Google Hangout. I have never done a Hangout on air before and I have to admit, I’m a little nervous. I have asked other educators to sit on a panel with me through my Hangout but I haven’t yet found someone who has committed. I am not worried though. The link to my Google + page is


and the link to the live YouTube feed is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVdOY5LMYg4.

I have prepared as much as I can…I have some guiding questions, I took a shower and fixed my hair and I have my computer fully charged and ready to go. I have to admit that the planning of this endeavor was a bit frustrating…not getting emails, getting too many emails, not be able to attend Google Hangouts…but it has proven itself to be well organized and very fun. I had a great evening last night hopping from Google Hangout to Google Hangout and tossing myself into a few Twitter chats.  I have spoken to many people through voxer who are loving this idea of online PD done by so many around the world…thoughts of even trying to do it more often.

Here are a few questions I have lined up and feel free to ask me anything else either through the Hangout or by simply replying to this post.

  1. Visuals are vital for ELLs. Tell how you use visuals in your classroom.
  2. We need to create accommodations for our ELLs so they can be successful. Tell how you use accommodations in your classroom.
  3. True/False – We should encourage our ELLs to only speak and read English at home and at school. Give supports.
  4. Let’s talk about what supports we have in our schools to help us with our ELLs. Bilingual aides? ELL teachers/tutors? Nothing?
  5. What supports would you like to have in place to help you with your job of teaching? How can an ELL teacher best support you?
  6. A new non-English speaker arrives in your classroom. What will you do in order to support them? Give specifics please.

I know we will have a great conversation and you can check it out live or you can catch it later on YouTube. Thank you!!!

I promised I would put the links into my blog post..here you go and thank you for joining me this evening.