dream2Dreams…I have one. Do you?

So let me set the scene…my husband, friend Kelly and I standing in the kitchen. Kelly says, “I’m going to go pack my bags for a trip.” We immediately ask, “where are you going?” She said, “no where, but I’m need to be ready to go at any time.”

We had a short but fun conversation regarding dreams. I think in order to have a reason to keep going we need to have a dream to follow or a goal to reach for. I remade two thrift store chairs over winter break for my principal’s office. You may ask, “are you a principal?” No I am not but I know one day I can answer yes so I’m going to be ready. I know, my chairs aren’t going to land me the job, but they will create an environment that I want when I have the opportunity.

If we want something bad enough, we need to believe it more anything! I WILL be a principal at a school that has been prepared just for me…I will have parents, teachers and children sitting in my chairs. I imagined it the whole time I was working on them.

I hope you have a dream and I hope you believe you will reach it soon!