I don’t know about you but I have dreams…dreams for myself, dreams for my children and dreams for students. Today I’m going to focus on the dream I have for myself.

As a child I never imagined myself to be as confident and outspoken as I am today. I was a shy, quiet kid who lived in the shadow of my twin sister Monica. While in school I was studious and wanted to do my best. The desire to do well continued into college and into my career.

One goal of mine was to obtain a master’s degree before I had children…I completed my first master’s degree when my first child was a couple of months old. I thought that’d be the last of my continuing education but I was mistaken. When I began my tenth year of teaching, I decided to go back to school. Dublin City Schools had a new partnership with Miami University and I could obtain my second master’s degree in Educational Leadership. It was a year long program and let me just tell you…it was tough. There were many nights I’d fall asleep on my laptop writing a paper and force myself to complete it.

One dream of mine is to become a leader of a building…A principal. This is not a dream I had fifteen years ago or even six years ago. It is such a strong dream of mine that I work towards it daily. It’s how I communicate with others..it’s how I interact with others…it’s how I build my professional learning network too.

It is a dream that I will not give up on despite the number of defeats I have had…I have had eleven interviews over the last three years and eleven rejections. I hate to say that I’m getting used to it but I know one day I will get a YES and will not look back.

My dream is to lead…lead in a big way…lead with my heart…lead with my knowledge and lead to empower.