Digital Tools

When I first began teaching 15 years ago, technology consisted of over head projectors and pull down screen. Cell phones were not owned by many and computers where desktops in my classroom. Over the last years, digital tools and technology has become more necessary in our classrooms and in our lives. Over the last year, I have become familiar with so many new digital tools that were unknown to me…here are some of the ones I use a lot…

  1. Twitter: My favorite social media site for learning and growing as an educator. I have grown my PLN and have had the opportunity to meet many great educators and leaders. I only follow educators, leaders and authors…It is not for personal use, only professional use. I began my district’s twitter chat last April and have found it special to have weekly conversations with other educators in my district and outside of my district.
  2. Tweetdeck: My favorite way to maneuver through a twitter chat. I have created multiple columns in order to organize the chats I participate in and have used it to schedule questions for my Twitter chat. It has made my life easier when it comes to moderating a chat. Love it!
  3. Remind: I have set up multiple classes for Twitter chat reminders which is great. Many educators have used this in their classroom to remind parents of important events but it could really be used for so many things. It’s simple to use and who doesn’t love a good text message reminder?!
  4. Blogs: Blogs aren’t necessarily a digital tool but they provide so much information and insight. Other teachers and educators pouring their souls out or providing information is a great way to continue our learning and growing as educators.

There are so many digital tools out there and I am still learning…these are a few that i use regularly.  Please comment below to share some digital tools you use regularly.