Differentiated_InstructionDifferentiation…What does that word bring to mind for you? Different… more… accommodation… change… multi-… unique… leveled…It is our job to meet our students where they are when they walk in the door. How do we do that?

Dr. Carol Tomlinson is the guru on differentiated instruction and has so much information on her website, http://www.caroltomlinson.com/.  I think we are teachers struggle with giving differentiated instruction the way it is supposed to be done. In order to differentiate, we need to have assessment data to guide our instruction. We need to have the tools in order to differentiate. This may require you to step outside of your comfort zone and ask others for materials, suggestions and/or help. I have always found the support teachers I have worked with have been more than willing to help me out when needed. Just ask.

Below I have attached a video in which Dr. Tomlinson presented information about differentiation. I couldn’t agree with her more when she says that teachers breaking old habits is the hardest step in differentiation. Check out the video and let me know what you think…

An email from Dr. Tomlinson “Hi Melissa- Thanks for sharing this with me.  I like the blog—the fact that you’re creating a platform to share your ideas, the fact that you chose to write about differentiation, your encouragement to teachers to learn about differentiation, and the fact that you gave them some starting points. I hope you get lots of readers! Carol”