Connected Educators Month…

SBy08VqQIAAAAOruo Connected Educators Month…I had no idea what this was until this year. I don’t even know if it was around before…probably.

When I say the words connected educator many things come to mind…Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Google+, email and so much more. I love all of these social media outlets and couldn’t like without them (well actually Twitter and blogging would be hard to live without) but whatever happened to good old fashioned talking face-to-face.

Sitting down in the teacher’s lounge today I said, “I love a good face conversation.” So many messages are “heard” differently when they comes across our computer screen than if the messages were spoken directly to us in conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I love technology and it has opened my eyes to so much in the last few months but I love seeing people’s faces.  You can read so much more into someone’s tone when you see them…hmm interesting idea.

I challenge you to have a nice face-to-face conversation with another educator this week…tell me how it felt to see eye to eye with someone and commiserate.