Biscoff Cookies…


As I sit in my room checking email and updating my website, I munch on a half full package of Biscoff Cookies. If you’ve been on an airplane, chances are you’ve eaten them but did you know they make a Biscoff Spread (in the peanut butter isle) too!

Eating the rest of these cookies makes me think about flying. I’d love to go somewhere…I don’t care where, just want to be in a plane. But I also think about a group of fourth graders I taught last year…

We read the book Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg. In the books, the ants go on adventures inside someone’s house. They climb up the faucet, go into someone’s coffee and adventure into the toaster. My four girls from India had never used or seen a toaster so we took a few days to explore.

I grabbed the toaster from the teacher’s lounge and brought in some break and fixings. We talked about what we thought we’d put on toast then I added a few ideas of my own. I brought in jelly, butter, Nutella and Biscoff spread. The girls got to make toast and spread on their choice of toppings. I encouraged each of them to try all the choices and we talked about them as they munched. I took pictures while they were making their toast and printed them out for the next day. We took time to write about our tastings.

After we were done with our book, the girls took turns taking it home and reading it with their families. The girls still talk about it and we still each lunch together this year periodically. It’s a lesson I will never forget as I think they will never forget.