And We’re Back…

Today I began my 16th year of teaching…today was a work day – aka meeting day. This new school year brings a lot of newness to me. A new school, a new schedule and a new car…the latter doesn’t really matter but I thought I’d mention it since I love my new car so much!

A new school…I will be working in a middle school and possibly two elementaries (to be determined later due to enrollment changes). Over my 16 years of teaching, I have only taught one year of middle school with the rest being in elementary. I am Serenityexcited for this change and know I will love middle school (obviously I say this before the kids arrive). I get to share a room with the former ELL teacher so I have built in support of her. I will make it a great year!

A new schedule…I will be required to arrive at school much earlier than in previous years. I now have to arrive to school at 7:40am when in previous years I needed to be at school by 8:20am. That’s a big difference to my internal alarm clock. Today was easy to wake up but as the year goes on, it will become a bit more difficult for me but I know I can do it!

New things and change can be tough for people but I have come realize that I can’t get all worked up over things that I cannot control. It has saved me from a lot of anxiety over the years.