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Leadership Standards

Standard #1: Principals help create a shared vision and clear goals for their students and ensure continuous progress toward achieving the goals.

  • Meet with teachers in order to inform them when new initiatives begin in ELL.
  • Set learning goals with students and continually progress monitor.
  • Participate in planning and discussing building goals for school and district.
  • Moderate weekly Twitter chat which provide opportunities to discuss change and improvements.

Standard #2: Principals support the implementation of high quality standards based instruction that results in higher levels of achievement for all students.

  • Teach lessons according to the ELA Common Core Standards and the current LEP Standards in Ohio.
  • Use research-based instructional strategies and personalize learning for students. Meet with classroom teachers to analyze data and needs of students.
  • Advocate for students in classrooms for high-level teaching and learning.
  • Participate in SST and IEP meetings for students and support other teachers as an SST Coach.
  • Moderate weekly/bi-monthly Twitter chat for Dublin City Schools, #DubChat.
  • Provide newsletter for teachers/staff each month with other ELL teachers.

Standard #3: Principals allocate resources and manage operations in order to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.

  • Establish and maintain a safe and risk free environment in classroom through relationships built with students.
  • Create a nurturing and inviting learning environment in classroom and create relationships with student in order to meet their needs.
  • Purchased and maintained technology for ELL classrooms.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with classroom teachers, bilingual aides and other support staff.
  • Maintain professional ethics and conduct along with placing encouraging and inspiring notes in convenient locations.

Standard #4: Principals establish and sustain collaborative learning and shared leadership to promote learning and achievement of all students.

  • Maintain a monthly schedule of ELL team meetings, Grade Level Team meetings, Core Lit Team meetings, Data Team meetings and SIT (School Improvement Team) meetings.
  • Built relationships with and presented to the PTO officers in order to assist and support.
  • Founder and moderator of district Twitter chat, which provides collaborative learning.
  • Delegate and work with other teachers to accomplish goals and empower others by encouraging and praising.

Standard #5: Principals engage parents and community members in the educational process and create an environment where community resources support student-learning, achievement and well being.

  • Maintain and PLN (Professional Learning Network) with other educators and leaders in order to improve student learning.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to assist children with projects and classroom assignments.
  • Maintain classroom blog and Twitter Page to communicate with families and communities.
  • Provide technology tidbits in ELL newsletter monthly.